What we Do ?

We shape ideas into digital world in the form of web and mobile app. We are a startup trying to create other startups of our own or partners into a full fletched business.

We create web/app/system applications,softwares for all operating system using google most trusted platform "FLUTTER" .We love using Flutter and its just awesome,Well thankyou google for that.

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We create dedicated video shorts, ads suited for your business, service using AI avatars, 2d cartoon characters and create a story no one can miss.

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We help business grow by creating it a must seen advertise and other marketing related strategies on major platform like facebook,instagram,youtube.And try to revamp it and create a brand out of it

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Seed funding of Rs 1 Lac by Honourable CM Madhya Pradesh and DAVV Startup cell.
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Our web/app is the perfect way to get a personalized, digital album in form of your individual app that showcases all the special moments at your fingertips when you want.With our user-friendly interface, you and your loved ones can easily see your all of your wedding photos and videos. 📹 Plus, you can easily share the app with family and friends ,with unique codes so that no one else can see.
Look of one of the app theme design
Another designed theme

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Sonadekho is a new way of offline jewelry shopping by seeing jewelry posted by verified jewelers in your city with all the details. Browse from a vast catalog of designs and details of jewelry from verified shops in your city, Sonadekho has all verified jewelers in your local city.
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clofamo is a web/app portal created for women fashion clothing offline shopping in an unique way by seeing online and purchasing offline. It provides dedicated portal to clothing store for customer to browse on when they either visit the store or from there mobile phones, they can see all details of clothing price, material and come offline to purchase it.
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About our vision

We believe in an ideology that dream big and work for achieving that dream until and unless you do not need to introduce yourself to the world. We shape ideas into digital world in the form of web/app. We are a startup trying to create other startups of our own or others into a full fletched business. We are not just coders, nor designers , or neither we are a bunch of people working for earning some bags full of money. We are entrepreneurs trying to create a deep mark of our work in to the world and shine and help other to be shined in this world. Shiva takes care of us.........

Life is Awesome ,Just need a vision to see like that
Sarthak Pandit
(Founder / Ceo)
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A Little More About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Webappdestiny company is created to create startup idea into web app.We work on ideas of any innovation which can change the way things happen.

We donot craft just web or mobile app for startup and fill pockets, on initial level we try to make that startup grow ,we become part of that startup,so when startup grows eventually we grow.its not just about money its about becoming part of a change. Curently we are working for our startup based product and ideas among which some are live and some are under production.

Currently we are just couple of people working on ideas one after other ,if you wish to join and work for making that idea work ,you can follow along .We are happy to have you in webappdestiny family ,if you have the same enthusiasm and energy to bring a change with your work.

As we are creators ,we donot do it for money we do it for feeling proud of the work we do and seeing that work grow along .but yeah if you feel you are having an idea ,then lets connect ,we can partner it for a best you can put without risking much.

We live life at the fullest like him,passionate to explore,enthusiastic,and achieve which is just dream for others,we are trying to create a set of products in the form of web/app in various industry and domains.We are emerging entrepreneurs.And we love to explore like he does.....



Got an idea,Eager to create a startup business or to learn whats exactly happening in IT industry ,all technolgy and how work is done in real world.
Graduate or undergraduate ,if you like to learn and part of our startup team and help in creating them.
- then lets connect !
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