Wedding / Bday
Enjoy and re-experience the marriage/Bday
and all functions once again ,
Whenever or wherever you and your family members
want ,Through an individual marriage/Bday web/app.
Do your family members also ask for marriage / New born
baby B-day pictures,videos again n again ?
Do you also feel and want a solution for letting you/your
family members see and live the moments of marriage / Bday
at there fingertips living at various places ?
Do you want to have your marriage/New born Baby digital
album, which live within you/yours family mobile phone in form
of web/app ?
Want a digital unique web/app which contains all
photos/videos of marriage / bday ,so that whenever you feel
to see them its just a click away ?
If you also have such
We have a perfect solution for all such questions
and perfect gift for your loved ones.
An individual web/app
Of your
Marriage / Bday
Which will contain all photos and videos , so that those who
have the web/app can see ,download and relive the moments
What what this web/app can be made for -
>Your Marriage individual web/app containing all photos and
videos of all your functions .
>An individual web/app for your child - which will contain all
pictures / videos from his childhood till now, like baby
shower, first bday and other functions.
> A perfect gift ,for your wife,husband, maa-paa, bro, sister
,or anyone to have a digital permanent presence in form of
web/app for you / your family to re-experience whenever
they want..
How it will be - A overview
Below are example of one of our design pattern for
matrimony app, it could be yours also
Or you can select from one of our predesign themes